Home Health 237-kg Delhi boy undergoes weight-loss surgery, hospital claims he is world's heaviest teen

237-kg Delhi boy undergoes weight-loss surgery, hospital claims he is world's heaviest teen

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boy weighed a whopping 237 kg at the age of 14, and was not able to walk or breathe properly when he went to a hospital here for a

The hospital has claimed that he was the “heaviest teen in the world with a BMI of 92 kg/m2” before a bariatric operation helped him shed over 30 kg.

The boy was made to loose 40 kg through diet control before he could go under the knife, the hospital said in a statement today.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height, and is universally expressed in units of kg/m2.

A normal BMI ranges between 18-22.5 kg/m2. Those having a BMI of above 32.5 kg/m2 are considered obese and super-super obese if it shoots beyond 60 kg/m2, doctors said.

“Mihir came to my OPD last December a and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was grossly obese, his BMI was 92 an that is amazingly high. He wasn’t able to open his eyes, as his face was puffy, and not able to stand properly.

“His weight then was above 237 kg. He was not able to breathe or speak properly, he was dozing off and sleeping every minute or two. When I learnt about his age, I was disturbed to know that he had reached this dangerous BMI of 92 in just 14 years,” said Dr Pradeep Chowbey, of Max Institute of Minimal Access, and Bariatric

He was advised to reduce 40 kg, by undergoing an extremely restrictive, low calorie diet, before undergoing at the hospital.

According to the hospital, Mihir, who stands a little over 5 ft high (161 cm), now weighs 165 kg and targets to get down to 100 kg in the next three years.

“Doctors performed a surgery, which restricts the amount of intake </a>and also causes less absorption of calories. The operation lasted 90 minutes,” a said.

Mihir weighed 2.5 kg at birth in 2003. He first showed signs of at the age of 5, weighing 60-70 kg, the hospital said, adding his family has a history of obesity, but the boy also had an uncontrolled diet, high on

His favourite items were pizza and pasta, which led to the situation, it said.

“He has been on a supervised diet which began with complete liquids followed by soft diet. Now, he is taking solid food but more of protein-rich and less carbohydrates-rich food,” the hospital said, adding, his BMI in December was 92 and at the time of surgery it was 76 units.

“Generally with 92 BMI, the surgery one can think of is gastric sleeve, but we were strongly in favour of as it is a gold standard procedure,” Chowbey said.

Mihir’s mother, said since he was bed-bound, he had to be “home schooled, and eventually lost touch with all his friends”.

He has now begun exercising and is looking forward to the day when he becomes a “normal weight” person, and can return to school.

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