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Maharaja College campus politics, young life lost

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KOCHI: “I STILL can’t believe Abhimanyu won’t come knocking at my door again calling for Nilavu, my daughter, teasing her like a brother or that he won’t be there for the sweet moments we used to share as if we were a family. He used to tell us he wanted to be, in his own words, ‘Vattavada scientist’, a scientist from his remote village of Vattavada,” said Simon Britto, former MLA and CPM leader, who can’t stop talking about the promising young man, who has become the latest victim of brutality in campus politics.
A chemistry student of Maharaja’s College in Ernakulam, Abhimanyu became like a Britto family member while helping the CPM leader with a book he was writing.

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“The last time I saw him was during a function at Maharaja’s. He had helped me up to the stage. A person I employed to help me, due to my physical disability, never returned after I asked him to move the urine box. However, this kid who had come to just help me with the book was always there. He never hesitated with help. Even when my wife used to cook for him, he used to say the rest of the students in his hostel might not have had anything. A thoughtful and talented person, evident from his good marks and ambition to do research in chemistry, society have lost an asset,” said Britto

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The CPM leader reminisces about a clash sometime back. When one of the guys on the opposite side met Britto, he asked him what problem they had with Abhimanyu. He said that he was a nice kid and there were no personal issues. “It goes to show how good a person he was,” said Britto.

A former student of the college pointed out that getting an admission into the chemistry, physics, maths and English streams at the college is no mean task. It is evidence of Abhimanyu’s brilliance that coming from a small village in Idukki, he managed to get a seat here, he said.

Jishnu, secretary of the SFI unit in Maharaja’s, sounded somber while talking to Express. He said, “I have nothing to say. We are on our way to pay our respects.”

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